Procco Financial Services is a company owned by United Electronics Company. United Electronics Company (eXtra) is the leading Consumer Electronics Retailer in the Middle East providing a wide variety of Services including Installment Sales and it has been operating in the Saudi market for over 15 years. It is a trusted brand and a household name across the kingdom.

Procco provides turn-key payment and loyalty solutions to the Financial and Retail Industries, enabling Partners to launch and provide innovative solutions to their existing retail base, as well as cater to new customers. Procco has developed a highly customizable proprietary Instalment program and a PCI compliant hosted solution environment, with a cost effective approach, where the focus is transferred to the variable, eliminating Capital Investment, reducing both CAPEX and management time of the solution. Procco’s capability to provide custom Loyalty and Instalment Card solutions to partners is what sets us apart from the competition highlighting us as the preferred solution provider in this category.

Our Trademark

Selektpoints is a trademark of Procco Financial Services W.L.L