Our Instalment and Loyalty products enable financial institutions and retail merchants to launch and provide personalised solutions to their retail customers, improve client acquisition, maintain retention and enrich relationships.


As an integral part of our loyalty platform, Procco offers a unique Pre-Paid solution that enables our partner to run a Pre-Paid program by allowing either a rechargeable card, called Pre-Paid, or a Gift Card that can be discarded once the amount is depleted such as a Mall Gift Card program. 

Our offerings range from product management, business requirements fulfilment, transaction processing, call centre services, risk management, application and data control, finance, administration and operational functions. Additionally, we offer merchant acquiring services, which include signing agreements, training & program implementation, account management and ongoing support. Our solutions are guaranteed to offer a personal touch that gives you a competitive advantage in today’s challenging business environment.


Traditional loyalty cards are issued to reward and retain customers, capture customer activity and collect customer information for 1:2:1 direct marketing opportunities. Loyalty customer activities can be categorised as “monetary” expenditure, “frequency” of use of a particular service or as a “recency” based solution, meaning how recently the customer has used the Financial Institution or Merchants services, i.e. used their card. 

The types of loyalty programs vary from a single outlet type program that would typically offer earn & burn or a group loyalty scheme including different brands. The larger type loyalty programs would typically be a coalition loyalty program which would include various larger merchants under a single scheme allowing use of the card at their different outlets for reward and redemption.