Our Instalment and Loyalty products enable financial institutions and retail merchants to launch and provide personalised solutions to their retail customers, improve client acquisition, maintain retention and enrich relationships.


Open Loop Instalment Cards: This card is issued by the financial institution to its existing retail customer base and can be used worldwide at any point of sale system as the card carries the International Network branding. At merchants outside of where Selektpoints has an agreement, the card will default purchases to the maximum tenure based on either value or merchant type, as set by the financial institution. At selected merchants where Procco & the Financial Institution has an agreement in place, the Point of Sale (POS) device will give the customer the opportunity to choose his/her tenure based on their financial ability.

Closed Loop Instalment Cards: This card is issued by the financial institution for its existing retail customers and can be used to attain ‘new to bank’ customers. This card does not carry any international network branding and can be used at selected merchants participating in the Banks program. At all participating merchants, the Point of Sale (POS) will give the customer multiple tenure options.

Structured Islamic “Sharia’a Complaint” Instalment Cards: This card is issued by Islamic financial institutions to its existing retail customer base and can also be used to acquire ‘new to bank’ customers. This card is designed to process customer retail transactions as per the requirements of the Financial Institutions Sharia’a board. Typically, Murabaha and Ijara type contracts are issued from the ‘Point of Sale’ machine, allowing the customer to select the tenure before approving the purchase, with profit and principle known up front, complying with Sharia’a requirements and ensuring customer transparency. 


Merchant Branded Instalment Cards (Store Cards): Issued as a merchant specific instalment solution to build loyalty and increase retail sales in an area of financing that merchants are currently missing. This card can either be underwritten by a financial institution or the merchant himself depending on the regulatory rules of a particular region.